Peacock vs. Cannon: New Poll Results

Charlotte North Carolina

Survey Research Report Summary

DATE: 04 June 2013

1. Overview: This survey was conducted with live callers between 20-21 May of 500 likely voters in Charlotte, with a Margin of Error of +/- 4.5%.

2. Edwin Peacock can win the race for Mayor. In a contest against the Mayor Pro-Tem, he is in a statistical dead-heat, trailing by 2% with almost 30% undecided. While Peacock has a solid base of support among Republicans, the key is unaffiliated voters (47% undecided) and conservative Democrats. Importantly, among the 25% of voters who knew both candidates, Edwin Peacock held a double-digit lead.

3. Patrick Cannon. Democrat Mayor Pro-Tem Cannon has a 36% favorable and 10% unfavorable rating, with 27% not aware of Cannon and 27% recognizing his name but having no opinion of him.

4. Edwin Peacock. Former at-large Republican Councilman and now Republican candidate for Mayor Edwin Peacock has a 30% favorable and 9% unfavorable rating, with 34% not aware of him, and 26% recognizing his name but having no opinion of him.

5. Peacock vs. Cannon

When the race is between Edwin Peacock and Patrick Cannon, we have a dead-heat with Cannon holding a two-point edge at 36% and Peacock at 34% and 29% undecided making it an open and winnable race. Among the key group of voters who know both candidates (25%), Peacock holds a 12-point edge.

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